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Domstufen-Festspiele in Erfurt

Summer music theatre against a historical backdrop

The 'DomStufen-Festspiele in Erfurt' has become an integral part of the event calendar of the Thuringian state capital. Every summer, the Theater Erfurt transforms the 70 steps of the historic backdrop of the 'Dom und Severikirche' into an opulent opera or musical stage and has thus far reached hundreds of thousands of visitors ...

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Premiering: July 7, 2023

DomStufen-Festspiele in Erfurt 2023
Opera by Hector Berlioz
Further performances: July 8, to July 30, 2023

With a grandiose orchestra and magnificent choral scenes, Hector Berlioz was able to create visions of the infernal and ethereal sounds. As freely as he dealt with the plot structure of Goethe's poetry, he felt committed to the spirit of the work: man's search for meaning between lust for life, calling and morality.


Jim Knopf and Luke the Engine Driver

Revival: 23 July, 2023

The tiny island of Lummerland is home to Luke the Engine Driver and his faithful locomotive Emma. And of course of Jim Knopf, who landed on the island as a baby by parcel post. Jim and Luke are the very best of friends. Together with Emma the locomotive, they make their rounds around the tiny island with two mountains. When it suddenly becomes too crowded on Lummerland, they set off together with their locomotive in search of a new home ...

Jim Knopf and Luke the Engine Driver
15 Jim Knopf Gregor Loebel Martiniana Antonie Foto Lutz Edelhoff
DSF24 Anatevka 1920 x 1080


DomStufen-Festspiele in Erfurt 2024

„Wenn ich einmal reich wär“ – mit warmherzigem Humor und Melancholie erzählt der Musical-Klassiker vom jüdischen Milchmann Tewje und seiner Familie aus dem ukrainischen Schtetl Anatevka, über das unsichere Zeiten hereinbrechen.