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Domstufen-Festspiele in Erfurt

Summer music theatre against a historical backdrop

The 'DomStufen-Festspiele in Erfurt' has become an integral part of the event calendar of the Thuringian state capital. Every summer, the Theater Erfurt transforms the 70 steps of the historic backdrop of the 'Dom und Severikirche' into an opulent opera or musical stage and has thus far reached hundreds of thousands of visitors ...

DSF24 Anatevka 1920 x 1080


DomStufen-Festspiele in Erfurt 2024

„If I were a rich man“ – with warm-hearted humor and melancholy, this musical theatre classic tells the story of Jewish milkman Tevye and his family from the Ukrainian shtetl Anatevka, which has to face uncertain times.



Hans in Luck

Revival: August 10, 2024

The fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm sounds with the funny, but also sometimes thoughtful music by David Robert Coleman.

Header HP Hans Im Glueck