City & Region

The 'Krämerbrücke' bridge, Cathedral and Old Synagogue – the Thuringian state capital of Erfurt combines a wealth of cultural treasures with a wonderful student atmosphere.

Moved by curiosity

A good mixture for everyone who likes discovering cities just by strolling around them: Erfurt has one of the most beautiful medieval town centres in Germany – full of attractive shops, cafés and restaurants. In its tranquil squares, you can enjoy an international atmosphere and cultural diversity, in short: the vibrant life of the city.

Love of culture

Both are possible in Weimar: Visit any or all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, drop into the Bauhaus and then enjoy the high-quality programme of evening events. Or simply wander through the streets, walk through the Park on the Ilm and drop in almost accidentally on Goethe and Schiller. Anyone interested in culture will be captivated by Weimar.

Pure fascination

Visitors will be completely enthralled by the Wartburg castle complex: Visible from afar, towering over the town of Eisenach, it is a place with a special aura and dignity. The three-storey great hall, built on the orders of Ludwig II from around 1157 on, is regarded as the best-preserved Late Romanesque secular building to the north of the Alps. Take a look into the world-famous Luther Room and the richly ornamented Elisabeth Chamber or listen to concerts and Wagner’s Tannhäuser in the magnificent Festsaal.

Experience nature

A longing that moves us: To be outside, achieving something, is something that really works well on the Rennsteig ridge path. Along Thuringia’s most historic walking route, 170 km long, you’ll discover fabulous views, rare plants and traditional crafts, including delicate glass blowing in Lauscha. By the way: You can also explore the Rennsteig by bicycle, or go cross-country skiing in winter.

Have we given you an appetite for more magical moments in Thuringia and Erfurt? Thuringia Tourist Information and Erfurt Tourist Information are happy to help you if you have any questions and can offer further help, from finding accommodation to arranging guided city tours – particularly at the DomStufen-Festspiele.