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Jim Knopf und Lukas der Lokomotivführer

Kategorie Opera DOMINO-Rückblick
Dauer 1 h
Alter 6+

Musical theater for children
by Tobias Rokahr
Text by Katharina Tarján
Commissioned by the Theater Erfurt
In German

Musical director / Stefano Cascioli
Production / Stephanie Kuhlmann
Set design / Mila van Daag

DOMINO - DomStufen-Festpiele für die Kleinen 2023

The tiny island of Morrowland is the home of Luke the train driver and his loyal engine Emma. And, of course, of Jim Button, who arrived on the island in a parcel when he was a baby. Jim and Luke are the best of friends. Together with Emma the engine, they drive around the tiny island with its two mountains. When Morrowland suddenly starts to feel a bit cramped, they set off with their engine to look for a new home. On their journey, they go through some exciting adventures with illusionary giants and other extraordinary beings, before finally saving Princess Li Si from the Dragon City.

Michael Ende’s Jim Knopf is a multi-award-winning children’s classic that has been translated into thirty languages. Now, after being turned into a radio play, puppet play, drama adaptations, a musical and a film, do we really need an opera, too? But of course, we do! More than any other art form, opera maintains a balance between the comic and the sublime, entertainment and profundity, opulence and the simplicity of timeless truths. The colourful, imaginative adventure scenarios open up absolutely delightful sound landscapes – the heat of the desert with its illusory mirages, the underwater world with its interplay of light and dark, the multiplying echoes in the Valley of Twilight. Jim Knopf has the dramatic qualities of a fascinating opera subject that can captivate both primary-age children and their parents, who either know the story from their own childhood or who are discovering it for the first time with their children now.


Remember to bring your sun cream! On hot days, we recommend that you bring sun cream, a head covering and plenty of water so that your child can enjoy the performance without any problems.

Rolle 2023 2021
Jim Knopf Joanna Jaworowska Antonie Martiniana
Lukas Andreas Elias Post Gregor Loebel
Li Si Candela Gotelli Leonor Amaral
Frau Waas, Palastwächter, Drache Malzahn Katja Bildt Katja Bildt
König Alfons, Nepomuk, Palastwächter Julian Freibott Julian Freibott
Herr Ärmel, Obergelehrter Jörg Rathmann Jörg Rathmann
Kaiser, Riese Tur Tur Paul Ham Paul Ham