Il Trovatore

DomStufen-Festspiele in Erfurt 2017

Opera in four acts from Guiseppe Verdi
libretto from Salvatore Cammarano
First performance Rome 1853
In the Italian language with German subtitles

Duration: 3:00 h | One pause

It could be a very typical love story: the Count di Luna falls in love with the noblewoman Leonore. But she has a second attractive suitor, the knight Manrico, who serenades her as a troubadour. Seduced by his music, she chooses him. There is a duel. The story becomes particularly explosive through Manrico's mother, the gypsy Azucena. When Manrico lies injured on his sickbed, she reveals an old story, according to which her mother once predicted the future to the younger of the two sons of the count and was burnt as a witch as a result. To avenge her mother, she abducted the heir to the throne and also threw him into the flames. The innocent Leonore is drawn into this family feud, and an increasingly complex, dramatic scenario develops in the midst of love, jealousy, revenge and intrigue.

This opera already started to become hugely popular shortly after its first performance in Rome in 1853. Within just three years, it had enjoyed 229 new productions worldwide attended by enthusiastic audiences. Giuseppe Verdi himself was most captivated by the mysterious figure of the gypsy woman and, inspired by this, created a masterpiece of expressive power and subtle characterisation. The rich flow of melody that is so typical of his music is supplemented here by musically effective, impressive mood paintings at the dramatic focal points.

The richly varied, gloomy plot locations, such as the fortress, monastery and dungeon, seem to have been deliberately chosen for the atmospheric setting of the Cathedral steps.

Appointments: August 10th to 27th, 2017, Domstufen

Introduction: Tue, August 8th, 2017, Großes Haus, attendance free

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