Big props battle

Rehearsals begin for the children's play

The young audience of the DOMINO DomStufen-Festspiele für die Kleinen can look forward to the famous fairy tale Hans in Luck by the Brothers Grimm. Yesterday, director Alexandra Pape, set designer Tamara Stotz and musical director Leonie Bulenda presented their concept and set design and kicked off the rehearsals. As well as the four main characters - Hans, the master, the puppeteer and the animals - the musicians can also be seen and heard on the large stage set against the fascinating backdrop of Anatevka (Fiddler on the Roof). In the first half of the hour-long play, there are many quick changes on stage. Our soprano singer Candela Gotelli alone plays four animal roles, which she slips into one after the other. Puppeteer Caspar Bankert has his hands full organising the right costumes, and many of the props also change their appearance. A mop, for example, quickly becomes a horse's head, and trees turn into big books.

Hans, who has traded his reward until he loses everything, comes out a winner in the end. He has gained a whole new perspective on the world and his life, which still has many surprises in store.

Tickets and more information are available online and from our visitor services.

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Foto: Steffi Becker | v.l.n.r.: Philipp Etzel, Alexandra Pape, Konstantin Ingenpaß, Leonie Bulenda, Tamara Stotz, Caspar Bankert, Candela Gotelli, Aaron Eunhyuk Lee